Is it safe to send our children back to school?

There are a ton of questions arising that surround the latest information on what is ‘safe’. And, as we transition back into our ‘new normal’, it’s natural that we will have concerns about what is and isn’t safe, particularly for our children.

As our kids head back to school, we need to arm ourselves with information that can help keep them safe in such a busy environment.

So let’s dive in.

Q: Why do young children tend not to get sick from COVID-19?

While it’s true that younger kids are less likely to get severely ill from COVID-19, some research suggests that the reason for this is because there are other coronaviruses that are causing diseases within kids.

An example is a common cold which kids tend to get pretty regularly, meaning they have a more plentiful supply of COVID-19 antibodies in their systems.

That being said, the reason children are less likely to get severely ill from Coronavirus could simply be that kids have stronger immune systems than adults.

However, the most recent numbers from the US say that 97,000 children (babies-18 years) tested positive for coronavirus in just two weeks and 70% of those cases were located in the South and South-West where the virus is spreading most rapidly.

But this spike in children getting sick is very sudden.

And, it could be an indicator of a genetic shift in the varieties of COVID-19 that are spreading throughout the US.

The virus is learning, so I’m not sure that I’m totally in support of the thought that children are protected.

That being said, we should all be taking measures to protect ourselves – young or old.

So, I want to take a moment to briefly talk about diet.

There is a huge lack of discussion surrounding the importance of diet in our ability to fight off COVID-19, even though it is the most important thing.

If the immune system has the nutrients it needs to function, then it’s more likely to do so and be able to fight off COVID-19.
So, ensuring that you and your children are taking in a diet that is high in protein, fibre, fruits, vegetables and natural fats is imperative.

Please, avoid processed food, high-fat and high-sugar foods and drinks!

Q: When do you think it will be safe for kids to go back to school?

A huge topic all around the world. In the US, our schools are being told to “open safely”.

And the question really becomes – what does this mean?

Educators are scratching their heads due to the extreme lack of guidance from professionals regarding what “safely” actually means.

The virus is still spreading rapidly in the US – we have a quarter of the world’s cases.

And our individual communities need to be mindful of how the virus is spreading in that particular area – it’s not one size fits all.

So we need to use science and the information carefully in order to make this decision about whether or not and, if so, how to open school safely.

We require testing on all the children and all the teachers at least 2 or three times a week due to the speed at which the virus circulates. And vigilant track and trace.

There are still so many unanswered questions…

We don’t know enough to make definitive decisions about what is and isn’t safe.

Q: How do parents handle social distancing, keeping kids safe and abiding by these rules with multiple and/or young children?

It can be irresponsible to mask a small child.

Often, they will naturally want to pull off anything that is covering their face. So, wearing a mask needs to be dependant on the maturity of the child and whether they can handle it.

With regards to being at home, unless someone in your household is in quarantine or sick, then there is no real reason to mask and glove yourselves or your children within the house.

Parents – you need to lead the way. Mask yourselves properly, with the mask covering your nose and mouth.

I recommend getting your kids involved with the washing of the hands, cleaning surface and washing their siblings’ hands or drying the groceries that you’ve washed.

Show your kids what 6 feet is and put one of them in charge of making sure that you’re all socially distanced whilst you’re out and about – you can make a rota!

Above all, remember that these measures aren’t being put in place as an effort to take your rights away, they are put in place in an effort to protect you and your loved ones and your neighbours and your children.

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