Meet Dr. Sandy

Dr. Sandy holds a PhD. in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She has worked as a research scientist in both university and government settings and has lectured to the public and to medical professionals around the globe since 1986.

With her background in the fields of genetic engineering and human tumor biology, Dr. Sandy makes the complex interactions between our bodies, the foods we eat, supplements we take and lifestyles we lead, understandable and memorable.

Implementing her expertise in Blood Biochemistry, Dr. Sandy is able to offer guidance (backed by peer-reviewed scientific research) to achieve the biochemical balance that research tells us we all require to experience optimal health and vitality. By understanding your unique chemical signatures, you can discover valuable information about your body and its distinctive needs. You become an empowered advocate for your own health!

Personal one-on-one sessions are available as well as Educational Online Courses, E-Books, and MP4 downloads.

Dr Sandy is also available as your medical advocate. She can provide your analysis and citations to your healthcare provider to help you get the best care possible.

  • On-Line Education

  • Private One-on-One Sessions

  • Blood Chemistry

  • Natural Pain Management

  • Individualized Detoxification

  • Live Q&A Sessions