It all begins with a Free 15 minute consultation so that you and Dr Sandy can meet by phone Skype or Zoom to see if Dr Sandy can be of assistance to you and to determine if you are a good fit for each other.

Should you both decide to move forward, an initial consultation will be scheduled at that time and you will recieve all the support needed for becoming a client.

You are in complete control of the consultation process and can always decide at which pace you wish to proceed.

That being said, directly following your Initial 2 Hour consultation with Dr. Sandy, you will be directed back to the Scheduling Team member. Your file will indicate suggested timing for follow up appointments and you will also be given options to order your follow ups.

Yes , Dr. Sandy has an E-book (Natural Solutions to Prepare for and Recover from Surgery) to help those who may be facing surgery.

In this E-Book she details simple, at-home methods to use diet, nutrition, sleep and other lifestyle choices proven to increase the rate of healing and immune function, decrease post-surgical pain while also minimizing stress on the mind and body.

Dr Sandy also details those herbs, foods and nutrients that must not be taken in prior to surgery. By avoiding these no-no’s, you make the job much easier for your surgeon!

We have many testimonials from individuals and from some of their surgeons who have seen suprisingly rapid recoveries, free of complications and with little to no need for post-surgical medications.

Some hereditary conditions can respond to at-home lifestyle choices whereas others cannot. Dr Sandy is a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a former genetic engineer for the US government. She is well versed in genetic diseases and may even be able to refer you to a healthcare provider who is a specialist in your condition.

To see if Dr Sandy can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact the office to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your concerns.

Oftentimes, the answer is Yes! As both men and women age, hormone levels can either decrease or get very imbalanced. These changes may cause profound effects on our memory, energy levels, libido, sleep, bone health, heart health, immune systems and on many other functions within our bodies.

Dr. Sandy has several videos, EBooks, MP4’s and handouts covering how to naturally balance hormones in menopause, perimenopause, and in andropause (for men).

In addition, there are OnLine courses designed to specfically address a wide variety of women’s health concerns such as incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain syndrome, urinary urgency, and sexual pain or dysfunction.

(Please check out The Women’s Health Section by clicking Here).

Hair loss can occur as we age in both men and women. However, age is not the only factor to cause hair loss. Medications, stress, reproductive or thyroid hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, certain types of toxicity and many other factors can interfere with hair growth.

If you are experiencing hair loss, a free 15 minute consult with Dr. Sandy will give you direction and the first steps to take in order to determine which is the culprit for you. In addition there are E-Books and MP4’S available for purchase that can help you discover your answer.

Digestive sensitivity is more common than you may think. Dr. Sandy addresses Natural Solutions to Gastro-Intestinal Turmoil in the form of On-Air interviews, CD or MP3 audio file, e-book, and handouts. Of course, free15 min private consultations are also available.

Yes, but only with parental guidance.

Although children often require a kinder, gentler and significantly different approach than adults, natural solutions to help children are definitely present in published literature and available through Dr Sandy.

Consider calling for a free 15 min consult to determine if Dr Sandy can be of assistance.

Most natural choices allow your medication do the work it is intended to do. So, yes, Dr. Sandy is perfectly suited to help you find choices that have been proven to not interfere with your current prescription(s) while helping your to reach your goals.

It is always recommended to continue following any prescribed plan given by your healthcare provider.

Dr. Sandy is NOT a Medical Doctor. She holds a Ph.D in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a background in the fields of human blood biochemistry, genetic engineering, and human tumor biology.

As a researcher she has become an expert in the analysis of blood biochemistry. This allows her to identify individual biochemical imbalances through a complex analysis of standard blood tests results (the kind of tests you would get from your healthcare provider for a yearly physical).

Dr. Sandy is not a healthcare provider. She cannot diagnose or treat you in any way. Instead, she is a scientist and a teacher. She will teach you about your body’s unique biochemistry in a way that is understandable. She can teach you all about your individualized biochemistry in a way that healthcare providers are unprepared and untrained to do.

Blood tests can be ordered from Medical Professionals for a number of reasons to help determine the alert range of any given test.

Ideally, optimal ranges are not used as a sole source of data but rather used along with a detailed medical and psychologicical history to observe trends thretell (that foretell?) not only disease, but also potential health conditions well before they manifest into symtoms or disease.

A list of potential blood tests can be found here.