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Menopause – What Is It?

Menopause – What Is It? Many women are suffering through menopause and doing so unnecessarily. Menopause can be devastating. But the distress of peri- and post-menopausal suffering does not have…
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Thyroid Health

Around 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease.  Up to 60% of people with thyroid diseases are unaware of their condition.  What is the thyroid? I like to think of the…
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Detox – Why Should I?

Detoxification is no longer a lifestyle choice! In today’s ever-increasing toxic world, doing a natural detox is just common-sense medicine.

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Cancer & Nutrition

In the last ten years, research around the role of nutrition in treatments for cancer has become more acceptable. As a result, we have an incredible amount of information that’s…
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Natural Solutions to the Challenge of Cancer

Cancer starts when the body’s immune system or detoxification system fails, and we become exposed to an ‘initiation event.’ That is exposure to something that causes cancer such as cigarettes…
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Reversing Osteoporosis Without Medication

Reversing Osteoporosis. Over 10 million American’s aged 50 and over have osteoporosis.  Another 30 million American’s aged 50 and over have low bone density and are likely to develop osteoporosis. …
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The Power of Soy

The Power of Soy. Soy is a knock out food for optimum health! I know there is some controversy surrounding soy, and there is a ton of research out there…
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