Cancer starts when the body’s immune system or detoxification system fails, and we become exposed to an ‘initiation event.’ That is exposure to something that causes cancer such as cigarettes or sunburn. 

These initiation events lead to mutations – damage to our genetic material. Coupled with a compromised immune system, the body is likely to have low-grade inflammation and increased susceptibility to infection. 

After a time, this malfunctioning leads to pathological changes that end up becoming precancerous lesions or tissue that is growing out of control. 

Eventually, there are disease-like symptoms, like the formation of mature tumors. 

Why Are We Getting Cancer?

Fifty years ago, we were being exposed to between 50-150 cancer-causing initiation events per day. Now, it is between 1000-1500 events per day.

This number will depend on the sort of lifestyle that we have and the environment in which we are living. Rural and densely populated areas will differ in terms of the intensity of exposure to environmental toxins like heavy metals, plastics, solvents, and pesticides. 

Chemicals are in the air we breathe, the products we use, the clothes we wear, and the medicine we take. 

The most terrifying part? We don’t yet know precisely how all these toxins are affecting our bodies. 

All of this is exacerbated by the national tendency to take in food that is of low nutritional quality. All of our food and lifestyle choices contribute to our ever-weakening immune systems and decreasing bodily functions. 

Our army is getting hit from all sides; it’s no wonder we’re getting cancer. 

How Are We Treating Cancer?

Treatments can be bracketed into conventional, alternative, and combination. 

Conventional treatments include:

  • Surgery 
  • Cryopathy (freezing) 
  • Hyperthermia (heating) 
  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy

Alternative treatments include:

  • Chelation Therapy (supplying vitamins and minerals through an IV) 
  • Oncological Diet Therapy
  • Immunonutrition Therapy 

The latter two relate to treatment using diet and nutrition; it is the last two that I would like to discuss with you. 

Combining Treatments

If you decide to combine conventional and alternative treatments for cancer, it’s worth noting that some antioxidants can interfere with chemotherapy. However, other antioxidants protect the body while supporting chemotherapy.

In my talk ‘Natural Solutions for Cancer,’ I go into great detail about which nutrients best support chemotherapy, and which are best to avoid. 

Dietary & Nutritional Treatments for Cancer 

The body’s immune and detoxification systems are dependant on specific nutrients in order to function properly. It is therefore unsurprising that increasing numbers of scientific reports are promoting the use of rich diets for those trying to recover from or prevent cancer. 

Oncological diet therapy or immunonutrition therapy use diet and nutrition to boost the immune system. These are medical specialties not unlike chemotherapy and alone can create complete regression of cancer. 

The best nutrients to include are:

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • B Vitamins
  • Red Veratrol
  • Co-Enzyme Q10
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Soy

Though diet and nutrition is the number 1 place to start when it comes to preventing, fighting, or recovering from cancer, there are also various changes to our lifestyle that are necessary. 

  • Oxygenation – ensure that you are breathing deeply and through your nose, at least three times per day to properly oxygenate the body 
  • Hydration – Proper hydration is key to pretty much everything; the body will be far less able to recover if it is dehydrated
  • Exercise 
  • Upgrading our home and personal care products – we need to combat the ever-increasing levels of toxicity in our environment by choosing clean products, chemicals exist and enter our body through our cleaning products, food, and clothing.

Whether you choose to go down the completely alternative route, use a combination or to use conventional methods, and merely follow up with nutritional and diet supplementation – I have put together a Cancer Control Programme that is appropriate for everyone. 

Dr. Sandy’s Cancer Control Programme 

I should offer a forerunner to this by saying that this is an educational program. 

I am not an MD, so it is neither appropriate nor legal for me to diagnose or treat people. But I can share with you what I would do if I were in your shoes; if my child, my husband, or I were dealing with cancer. 

1) Diet 

The food we take in affects our blood chemistry tremendously, and this has everything to do with whether or not your body will grow cancer, or not. 

Normal cells and cancerous cells thrive in different environments: normal cells prefer alkaline, cancerous cells prefer acid. So to battle cancer, we have to make the body alkaline. 

Highly processed foods are acidic, while fresh fruit, vegetables, sprouted, and raw foods are alkaline. 

Plant-based food also tends to be cleaner than animal products due to being exposed to lesser toxins so that a plant-based diet will be less acidic than one high in animal products. 

2) Exercise 

Move the body and breathe deeply to properly oxygenate the body, even if just through passive movement. You can even use massage or lymphatic drainage techniques like dry brushing if the active movement is not appropriate. 

3) Nutrition

Cancerous bodies have a decreased ability to absorb nutrients so that they will require supplementation. The most important thing is to make sure your supplementation is easily absorbable. 

You can find my recommendations for specific products in my talk. 

4) Detox & Healing 

As well as supplementation, detoxification methods might include:

  • Liver or gallbladder flushes
  • Probiotics or colonics to promote good intestinal health
  • Lymphatic massage, drainage or dry brushing
  • Breathwork 
  • Chelation therapy
  • Detox baths

5) Mental Wellbeing 

Ensure that you are feeding your mind and soul, as well as your body. You will need to be getting enough sleep at night and enough rest during the day. 

Take time for mindfulness, prayer, or meditation. Decrease contact with negativity both internally and externally. 

Finally, surround yourself with love and support. 

We have only touched the surface here, and so for more information about everything we have discussed, listen to my talk –Natural Solutions to the Challenge of Cancer.

What next?

You need to be informed. Educate yourself. Keep up to date with the latest research.

  • Book a free, fifteen-minute consultation to discuss your concerns and see how we might be able to help you achieve your health care goals.
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