Natural Solutions to Bone Health.

Osteoporosis accounts for 9 billion fractures per year. That’s one fracture every three seconds. 

The health of our bones is not something we are inclined to think much about until we break one. But bones are essential – they are the framework for our muscles, protection for our organs, and storage space for vital minerals that we need to live. 

Many people are suffering due to weak bones, and this is often totally avoidable. 

Who’s at risk?

The American population over the age of 50 will more likely than not have low bone density, though this condition is far from exclusive to older people. Low bone mass can affect anyone, and poor diet and lifestyle choices are at the crux of the widespread issue. 

Osteoporosis is completely preventable!

You can avoid decreases in your bone density by avoiding the following: 

  • Processed food 
  • Low protein food
  • High animal protein diets
  • High-fat diets
  • Lack of exercise
  • Incorrect use of supplementation

In simple terms, two types of cells relate to our bone health. One type of cell removes old, dead bone, and the other creates new bone. 

Inflammation in the body naturally causes a significant increase in the cells that break down bone – this can often lead to bone loss. 

Foods that are high in starch and sugar lead to inflammation. Even just a stressful life can cause inflammation in the body. People with high levels of inflammation in the body are significantly more at risk for osteoporosis than people with low levels or no inflammation. 

Cells that create new bone have receptors that are triggered by estrogen. The hormone is not only necessary for the production of new bone but is also essential for the incorporation of many vital minerals into the bone.

With women being eight times more likely to be diagnosed with low bone mass than men, post-menopausal women whose estrogen levels are crashing are especially at risk. 

What Can I Do?

With some simple changes and additions to your diet and lifestyle, you can dramatically reduce your risk of low bone density, or even increase your bone density if it is already low. 


I have found a considerable correlation between low bone density and protein deficiency. So, the most important thing you can do is increase your protein intake and your protein absorption.

Avoid high levels of animal protein in your diet and try good quality vegetable protein sources such as rice or soy protein. 

Vitamin D!

The second most important thing for healthy bones is vitamin D. 

Vitamin D deficiency is a pandemic and will exacerbate low bone density. Safely increasing your sun exposure or perhaps supplementation will be extremely beneficial to your bone health. 

Vitamin K! 

Vitamin K is fundamental to the incorporation of vital minerals into the bone mass. Without vitamin K, you will be far less able to make use of your vitamin and mineral intake. 


Many studies have shown that weight-bearing exercise is very beneficial for maintaining good levels of bone density – bone remodeling happens as a result of even mild exercise. 

Making movement a part of your day, even if only for fifteen minutes, will be extremely beneficial to the health of your bones. 

A Few More Tips

  • Consume a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruit but low in animal protein
  • Eliminate carbonated drinks like soda, coffee, and alcohol
  • Throw out your processed foods; if God wouldn’t recognize it then you probably shouldn’t be eating it
  • Consider supplementation; for advice on which products I recommend, listen to my ‘natural solutions for bone health’ talk 

Let me leave you with this as my final advice for bone health. For those who are older, taking measures to reduce the risk of falls in your household is critical. 

You might consider doing gentle yoga or tai chi to help improve your balance. Make sure you are getting your vision tested once a year, and review any medications you are taking for side effects such as dizziness or drowsiness. 

Low bone density accounts for 9 billion fractures per year – whether it’s by preventing your bone mass from decreasing, raising your bone mass back up again, or making your home and life a little safer, we can avoid these injuries!

For a more in-depth discussion and further advice relating to bone health and osteoporosis, listen to my ‘natural solutions to bone health’ audio. 

What next?

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