How to avoid an Episiotomy – eBook


How to avoid an Episiotomy – Perineal Massage

Discover the secrets of mastering Perineal Massage and avoid the potential long-term pain and suffering of an Episiotomy!  

**Regular perineal massage can increase your chances of delivering a baby without an Episiotomy (surgical incision to widen the vaginal opening) or tearing during the birth of your baby.

Dr Sandy’s Perineal Massage eBook (PDF format) offers easy and helpful guidance in avoiding an Episiotomy.

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Educational – Dr Sandy Bevacqua PhD. – eBook Series (PDF Format-Download)

  • Perineal Massage will teach your perineum to stretch in response to pressure, resulting in less tissue resistance to the baby.
  • Perineal Massage will also help you identify your perineal muscles, and helps you learn how to consciously relax them in response to pressure.