Join me for this Exclusive Detox Trip in Puerto Rico!

June 4 – 15, 2022  – Ann Wigmore Natural Health Instituton the beach in Puerto Rico!

I am also offering a one- or two-month at-home detoxification program prior to the retreat itself.

Are you ready for a post-COVID clean-up? 

If you know me well, you know that I enjoy doing detoxification for myself once a year.  However, due to the Covid Pandemic, I’ve not been able to go for two years!  My need is great.  I have pounds to lose, and I can feel the physical and mental stress of the toxin build-up! Ugh.

How about you? How are you feeling?

So, at last, I’m able and very excited to announce that I am going to take a few people with me to detox at a new location.

Would you like to come with me? 
(If you are unable or not ready to go to Puerto Rico, you might just choose to do the at-home portion of the detoxification.)

Think of detoxification as “Spring Cleaning” for the human body.
There are many reasons to engage in cleansing the body. Here are a few of the many benefits of detoxification:

  • Increased energy
  • Easy weight loss
  • Eliminate stored waste in the tissues
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improve skin and hair health
  • Improved digestion and elimination
  • Improved microbiome health
  • Clearer thinking/improved memory
  • Eliminate cravings
  • Break sugar/caffeine/unhealthy food addictions
  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Feel younger and more vibrant
  • Inspiration to adopt a healthier lifestyle for greater longevity
  • And much more!

I have to say… I have a fantastic trip planned for you!
After detoxing at home for 1-2 months, you’ll spend a week and a half at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute immersed in their detoxification program. I will be there with you to guide and support you. During downtimes, we can play or rest on the beach!

The day you arrive, we will have orientation to help you get your feet on the ground and organized so you can make the most of your stay. I invite you to bring your most recent blood test results so that I may help you individualize your program for what your beautiful body needs. I want each of us to receive the maximum benefit from our time at the institute.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be taking a group to the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute! I have heard from several close colleagues that they place this facility above all others for an easy and effective detox. I have wanted to do this for a while and am thrilled that this is the year we are making it happen!

I only have room for a maximum of 7 people coming with me to Puerto Rico.
If this trip is an enthusiastic “YES!” for you, I love your enthusiasm and would like to offer the first 3 people who register $100 savings on the cost of the trip.

Remember, only the first 3 who register will be eligible for this special gift.  So, if this is a “YES!” for you, don’t wait. Call us right away!

So. if you would like to escape your daily routine and do something extraordinary for your mind, body, and spirit, I invite you to join Dr. Sandy’s Exclusive Detox Trip in Puerto Rico.  Please call the office right away and speak to Meg or Alison to register for the trip. Further details will be sent to you if you are interested.

The costs will be as follows:

One month At-Home Detox $450 – $500.00

Two-month At-Home Detox $700 – $750.00

These packages include a daily detox shake, supplements, instructions for your at-home practice (there are many choices), plus five Dr Sandy Zoom meetings for the group.

10 day Exclusive Puerto Rico Detox Excursion

*Prices range from $3,096.00 to $4,204.00

*Tuition, room, and board for the 10 days at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute will vary from $3,096.00 to $4,204.00 for our group depending on the size and location of the room you choose and whether you choose to share a room or apartment. (Transportation is not included.)

**Remember, I only have room for a maximum of 7 people coming with me to Puerto Rico so this trip will fill rapidly!.

**To reserve your spot we will require a down payment of $700.00. Let us know as soon as possible by calling or emailing the contact details below.

For more information, please call my office for full details and pricing.

520-743-0575 – Office

520-743-4252 – Fax