Dr Sandy’s Stay Well Essentials Package



Protect yourself and your family naturally!  

Dr. Sandy’s Stay Well Essentials Package is a carefully selected mixture of the most critical vitamins and minerals you can take to STRENGTHEN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM BEFORE YOU GET SICK – keeping you less susceptible to infection.

Most people are deficient in these essential nutrients, have low numbers of viral-killing cells, and have a weakened and slow-reacting immune system, so they are most likely to catch a viral infection and tend to get much sicker when they do.

The Immune Essentials package includes:

  • Xymogen: ImmunotiX 500 (60 Caps) $95.32 – Qty 1
  • Biotics Research: Bio-D-Mulsion Forte $19.90   (2oz)  – Qty 1
  • Xymogen: Zinc Glycinate (120caps) $22.10  – Qty 1
  • Xymogen: Buffered C Powder Fruit Punch flavored (20 servings) $45.15  – Qty 1
  • Plus a copy of ‘VIRUSES! – How to stop respiratory viral infections before you get sick’ ebook.

Stay strong and “at-the-ready” with Dr. Sandy’s Stay Well Essentials!

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These are the most critical vitamins and minerals for your immune system to function at its best! Plus, you will get an award-winning herbal product that helps you build more immune system soldiers that will make your body ready and able to kill invaders.

Recent studies have shown that ~80% of those in ICU with COVID-19 have a Vitamin D status of <17 ng/ml, and 100% of those in ICU had Vitamin D levels <21 ng/ml. The normal range is usually between 30-100 ng/ml. My goal for all clients is to reach a level between 65-95 ng/ml. This is normal and healthy.