Dr. Sandy’s Ultimate Immune Boosting Package


There are five ways that our body can fight viral infection.

Dr. Sandy’s Stay Well Ultimate Package boosts all five of those systems. 

  • It increases the production of your own body’s natural antiviral interferon.  
  • It gives you all the nutrition needed to feed your immune system (food for the soldiers) 
  • It provides you optimized immunomodulation (like an adjustment of the timing belt in your car)
  • And it gives you increased production of antibodies (direct viral particle kill).
  • It increases the production of T killer cells (more soldiers)

Use as directed and shut down viral infection fast!

Our Immune System Ultimate Package includes:

  • Shaklee: NutriFeron $141.75 – Qty 3
  • Metagenics: Vitamin D3 5000 $20.42 (6oz) – Qty 1
  • Shaklee: Zinc Boost (Zinc Complex) $7.99   (4oz) – Qty 1
  • Shaklee: Immunity Formula $19.50   (3oz) – Qty 1
  • Shaklee: Sustained Release Vitamin C $26.25   (7oz) – Qty 1
  • Shaklee: Garlic Complex $43.05   (9oz) – Qty 1
  • Biotics Research: Cytozyme-THY $50.00   (5oz) – Qty 1
  • Designs for Health: IMMUNITONE PLUS $ 40.96   (10oz) – Qty 1
  • Traditional Medicinals: Gypsy Cold Care $7.32   (3oz) – Qty 1
  • Traditional Medicinals: Breath Easy Tea $7.27   (3oz) – Qty 1
  • Traditional Medicinals: Echinacea Plus ® Elderberry $7.73   (3oz) – Qty 1
  • Shaklee: Defend and Resist $ 20.95   (4oz) – Qty 1
  • Plus a copy of ‘VIRUSES! – How to stop respiratory viral infections before you get sick’ ebook.

(Includes Dr. Sandy’s Respiratory Tea Package)

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Recent studies have shown that ~80% of those in ICU with COVID-19 have a Vitamin D status of <17 ng/ml, and 100% of those in ICU had Vitamin D levels <21 ng/ml.  The normal range is usually between 30-100 ng/ml. My goal for all clients is to reach a level between 65-95 ng/ml. This is normal and healthy.)