Stress Management for Children and Adults


There are two types of stress.

The first is ‘normal’ stress; our natural fight or flight response. We feel this when we are scared, aggressive, angry, or excited.

The second is chronic stress; when we respond to something with excess stress hormones on a nearly continual basis. Someone who is suffering from chronic stress might feel persistent anger, resentment, fear – both real and imagined – and their ability to absorb nutrients will be under fire.

Chronic stress takes a tremendous toll on the body. It can tear apart organs, cause serious problems for our mental health, induce disease states and eventually lead to death.

Chronic stress is something that can be present in both children and adults and is something we need a better understanding of.

Learn how to lower your anxiety, depression, and stress levels – keeping your brain hormones balanced and improving the health of all your organs.

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Educational – Mp3 recording by Dr. Sandy Bevacqua PhD.