Surgery – Preparation & Recovery

I am not an advocate for surgery though I have had and experienced fantastic results from it. When done correctly, surgery can be incredible, freeing, and life-changing. However, many elective surgeries are not necessary and can leave you in poor health. 

Do you need this surgery? If you are sure that you do, there are many things you can do to help ready yourself for the surgery, and aid your recovery. 

A Little Admin

Something you may want to think about is where you are going to have your surgery. Perhaps a local surgery is sufficient for a minor operation, but a larger hospital usually guarantees your surgeon to be more experienced. It is custom and appropriate to ask your surgeon how many times he or she has performed your surgery, and doing so may put your mind at ease. 

It is normal to feel stress surrounding surgery, but you must try to maintain a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. 


85% of medical problems are caused by stress in some way or another, so you must find a way to lower your stress levels surrounding surgery; your recovery will be directly affected. 

Both physical and emotional relaxation is key to doing well in surgery and recovery. While exercising the body might be difficult, as it is likely that you are in pain, using good mental practices is something everyone can do. 

Make sure you have a great support system to keep you smiling and thinking positively. Our mind affects the workings of our entire body. 

A study from the University of Texas showed that people recovered from surgery faster by simply visualizing themselves having a healthy and rapid recovery. 

Having a clear mind and a clean body prior to surgery will make all the difference. 

Spring Clean Your Intestines!

To do well in surgery, it is good to have a clean intestine. Anesthesia slows peristalsis in the gut, and so bowel movement can become stuck. If this happens, people may suffer a lot of pain and discomfort post-surgery. 

Here are some tips for a clean intestine:

  • Eat the cleanest food you can find, no processed junk food! 
  • Take a probiotic to help support a balanced gut 
  • Essential fatty acids aid intestinal health and provide natural pain relief 
  • Movement will help keep the intestines clear and improve blood circulation, even if all you can do is stretch in bed
  • After surgery, be sure to increase fiber into the diet slowly to a goodly amount to keep the bowels moving and boost the immune system

Boost Your Immune System! 

A healthy immune system is essential for the healing process, and intestinal health is the most significant piece of the puzzle. Second, is protein. The immune system is made of protein, so taking in a good amount before surgery will boost your ability to recover on the other side. 

Avoid sugars, starches, and simple carbohydrates as these foods depress the immune system. I strongly recommend eliminating these foods in the week preceding your surgery! 

Surgery will leave you with scar tissue; this is typically unavoidable. When the body has increased levels of inflammation, more scar tissue will form. Scar tissue is especially problematic in areas such as the abdomen, as organs can bind together and become twisted. Fatty acids are excellent at decreasing inflammation and the risk of scar tissue. Also, fatty acids provide natural pain relief pre and post-surgery. 

I strongly advise that you keep hydrated. Hydration is critical to a robust immune system, so make sure you are taking in at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day! 

Now You Know

Surgery can be a wonderful thing when done correctly, but there will always be risks attached. You can minimize the risk of any related health issues by making sure you have a clear mind and a clean body. 

If you take one thing away, I hope it is the importance of relaxation. Whether it’s meditation, yoga, or prayer, understanding how to settle your mind is something your body will thank you for. 

For a more in-depth discussion about preparing for surgery and how to aid your recovery, listen to my talk ‘Preparation and Recovery from Surgery.’ There you will find further advice as well as my recommendations for specific products to use. 

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