The Power of Soy.

Soy is a knock out food for optimum health! I know there is some controversy surrounding soy, and there is a ton of research out there that leads many people to be distrusting of this fabulous food. 

I want to show you soy is not a food to fear! 

Why Are We Worried? 

Soy is high in phytic acid. 

Phytic acid is present in the outer coating of seeds, beans, nuts, and lentils and can block the body’s uptake of essential minerals. 

There are hundreds of articles discussing the effects of phytic acid, and the consensus is that diets high in phytates contribute to a mineral deficiency. 

Soy contains toxic isoflavones. 

Isoflavones are structurally similar to estrogen, and the research can suggest that eating a soy-rich diet can have the same consequences as an increase in estrogen levels. 

High estrogen levels are linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. 

I do not deny that these facts are concerning, but take this with a pinch of salt.

These findings relate to extreme circumstances and are often from studies that test the effects of eating only soy. 

To look at the effects of soy in isolation is not representative of the use of soy in a balanced diet. There will be dangers associated with the eating of any food group alone! 

The real concern relates to the processing of soy products. 

When soy is processed, it becomes exposed to extreme acid, alkali, and heat treatments. This exposure results in high aluminum levels and nitrates in the soy, which can have detrimental effects on the body. 

I recommend that you avoid highly processed soy and instead use products that have been cold water washed only, products such as tempeh, tofu, organic soy milk, or edamame. 

The difference in the food value between processed and unprocessed soy is of critical importance – please research! 

Why I Love Soy! 

As I said, soy is a superfood for optimum health. 

It is the highest and most digestible source of protein food that doesn’t contain the fat levels of meat and dairy products. 

And, soy is one of the rare foods rated as a ‘grass food’ according to the FDA – foods with this rating have been qualified as safe and healthy by vast amounts of research! 

When consumed as part of a balanced diet, the benefits of soy include:

  • Provides high energy 
  • Facilitates weight loss
  • Prevents cancer 
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Decreases the risk of heart disease
  • Reduces the risk of gallstones 
  • Around $1 per serving, very economical 

Soy & Health Conditions

I fell in love with soy when at age 39, I was told by my practitioner that I would have a heart attack at age 40, and the first symptom would be death – I had extremely high cholesterol levels along with a whole host of other health problems.

I began a journey to balance my blood chemistry and had an instant and noticeable response to clean soy products and supplementation. Soy naturally decreases our levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and raises our levels of HDL (good cholesterol). And it’s not just cholesterol that soy can help with…

Heart Disease 

Soy prevents plaque production and inhibits growth factors in plaque; it reduces the risk of blood clots and increases the relaxation of our arteries (artery constriction is what causes heart attacks).


In cultures that eat a lot of soy, people are 90% less likely to die from cases of breast cancer and prostate cancer (the two main types of cancer to cause death in the US). Soy contains antioxidants that block cancer-causing free-radicals and protect the DNA from mutations.


Many people with diabetes run into problems with their kidneys, and they are told to avoid protein to prevent effects on their renal profiles. Individuals who take in a goodly amount of soy protein actually have the same renal profiles of individuals who take in very low amounts of other protein sources such as meat. 

Soy balances the blood sugar boosts the immune system and doesn’t cause the same issues as meat protein causes for people with diabetes and related kidney problems.


Unprocessed soy protein naturally doubles the amount of bile acid in the body, and bile acid is used to melt down gallstones. The medication prescribed for gallstones works to increase the amount of bile acid, but it’s far better to take in products that do this naturally like soy! 

Now You Know…

  • The effects of soy in isolation are not representative of soy as part of a balanced diet
  • Avoid highly processed soy and reach for clean, organic, cold water washed soy products only
  • Soy is a great, safe alternative source of protein and can work wonders for people suffering from any of the health conditions mentioned above 

For more information on the power of soy and my recommendations for specific products and supplements, listen to my talk on The Power of Soy! 

What next?

You need to be informed. Educate yourself. Keep up to date with the latest research.

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